Welcome to my newest page:  Under The Sea!

Here you will find some of my new full color prints of ocean life.  Most I just haven't had the time to list as individual pages or items. These are all available as prints, but most are not limited editions.  So, if you see something you like, just email or call and we will give you the details.


The crabs were created especially for my Rockport visits.  They are very popular, and come in various sizes.  The turtle and shrimp make great companion pieces.

I created the seahorses on a whim and they started selling well. Available are the single and the triple as separate prints in various sizes.

Both the sand dollar and the natilus are very popular and again available as individual prints.

These images I will blame on my lovely wife.  She insisted I paint a Man O' War.  Under protest I painted one for the Rockport Art Fair.  Guess what was one of the first prints to sell that day?  You guessed it.  I then got an order from a customer to paint the Jelly fish to match.  Guess I'd better listen to my wife more.

They just seem to keep coming, don't they?  The Star Fish and the Sea Shell have also become very popular.

This lovely guy I can't blame on anybody but myself.  Created just in time for my July 4th show in Rockport; it sold that weekend!

Here are a couple most haven't seen yet.  The Electric Ray is just now going to print.  Both are in prints and both originals are still available.